Digitrac Tractor
Digitrac Tractors combine utility, driver’s comfort and style. These agricultural vehicles can bear up to 2000 kg load and these are driven by 47hp engine. With having 3-4 engine cylinders, these motor vehicles come with 5 years of warranty period.
Euro Tractors
Provided Euro Tractors are considered as integral parts of farming activities for their versatile nature and ergonomic look. These heavy duty tractors can be obtained in different specifications to suit precise application needs in farmlands. Low noise generation and fuel efficient operation are their key features.
Steeltrac Tractors
Steeltrac Tractors are reckoned for their high performance level, low fuel usage rate and heavy duty structure. These are equipped with dry friction type clutch, advanced gear box, main gear with center shifting function, fuel tanks of different storage capacities and mechanical steering.
The Electric Tractors are available for agriculture industry with various advantages. They do not make CO2 emissions and thus are finer than diesel counterparts. The electricity operated self-propelled vehicles ensure high yield without any obstruction.

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