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Steeltrac Tractors

Accessible in different models, Steeltrac Tractors deserve praise for their application specific design. Single cylinder based engine of these tractors is offered in different operating speed ( both nominal and maximum) and torque rate based options. Their transmission section boasts of having dry friction plate type single clutch. These tractors also have synchromesh gear box with forward and reverse movement functions and mechanical steering. Hydraulic lifting system of these Heavy Duty Tractors is capable of lifting up to 450 kg load in horizontal direction. Fuel tanks of these tractors are capable of storing 17.8 liters of oil. Adjustable drivers seat, arrangement for toe hooks and draw bar are some of their other features that have made these tractors truly operator friendly farming equipments.


1) Provided tractors are reckoned for their easy to adjust drivers seat, different operating speed and torque rate.
2) Transport lock of their hydraulic section ensures about their optimum safety.
3) Fuel efficient operation and smooth movement.
4) Easy to adjust torque rate.
Product Image (ST-18)

Escort Steeltrac 18 Farm Tractor

Specifications :

  • No of Cylinders : 1
  • Power at Rated ERPM : 2300
  • Maximum torque @ Erpm : 1400 to 1500

Product Image (ST-15)

Escort Steeltrac 15 Farm Tractor

Specifications :

  • No of Cylinders : 1
  • Power at Rated ERPM : 3000
  • Maximum torque @ Erpm : 1400 to 1500


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